Errand Services

Wagoner Delivery has been a trusted name in our community since 2019! While we are best known for being the first delivery business in the Wagoner and lake area to offer concierge style restaurant delivery services and grocery delivery, we now offer much more! We offer errand and runner services! We can complete general and even specialized errands such as helping clients with pet care and dog walking, waiting for the repairman when you can't be there, or even check in on your home or office while you are away on vacation! Have small odd jobs that need to be done? We can help with those too! We help people just like you to save time, so you can do the things that mean the most to you. Consider us your very own back up & support team!

We specialize in providing errand and task completion services in three main areas: Personal Services, Business Services, and our Seniors 65+ Services! Speaking of seniors, each time you use any of our errand services, 15% of any profit that we make each month is applied to helping indigent seniors with running personal errands and getting deliveries when they need it. So now with each booking of our services, you help seniors get some help when they need it!

To find out which of our services might be right for you, click on a service button to learn more, or if you're ready to place a service request, click the Request Service button below!